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  • In music one must think with the heart and feel with the brain.

    George Szell


    [EN] Toshiyuki Shibata is a diverse musician who plays a flute, piccolo, alto flute, baroque flute and classical/romantic keyed flute. His repertoire covers largely from baroque to contemporary music.

    A native of Takamatsu, Japan, he studied linguistics at Osaka University, eventually moved into New York to focus on music education. Having studied in New York, he appeared as a concert flutist at New York's leading venues such as Carnegie hall, Lincoln Center, Symphony Space, Bargemusic in Brooklyn as well as his constant works in recording studios.

    After moving to Belgium, he found more interest in early music repertoire. Having studied in Royal Conservatory in Antwerp, Ghent, and Brussels, he has been an active flutist who plays on both Boehm system and historical flutes. He has worked with Brussels Philharmonic (former Flemish Radio Orchestra), Chamber Orchestra of Belgium, La Petite Bande, Le Concert Lorrain, Vox Luminis, and Il Fondamento. In 2019, he had a tour in Japan with B'Rock Orchestra as a soloist with Lucie Horsch. As an active chamber music mucisian, he collaborates with Bart Naessens, Frank Agsteribbe, Consone Quartet, Delfico String Quartet. He closely works with an award-winning composer Diederik Glorieux to expand the limit of contemporary flute repertoire.

    He has worked in Royal Conservatory in Antwerp as a research fellow focusing on improvisational embellishments in the late 18th century. He is also a research assistant in Study Center of Flemish Music to rediscover forgotten 19th century Flemish music. He served as the international liaison of National Flute Association of USA (2015-17). He is a recipient of scholarship from Flemish government (2014-15), further, he was granted fellowship/scholarship from University of Sydney in Australia in 2013. He is currently an artistic director of Musiqa Antiqua Takamatsu, an early music festival in Japan.



    [JP] 香川県立高松高校卒業。大阪大学外国語学部中退。ニューヨーク州立大学卒業。奨学金を得てシドニー大学大学院音楽学部研究生、ベルギー政府より奨学金を得てアントワープ王立音楽院修士課程、ゲント王立音楽院上級修士課程を修了。これまでにフルート奏者としてブリュッセル・フィルハーモニック、ベルギー室内管弦楽団、古楽器奏者としてラ・プティット・バンド、イル・フォンダメント、ヴォクス・ルミニス、ル・コンセール・ロラン、そのほかの古楽アンサンブルに参加し、欧州各地で演奏活動を行う。


    2019年には、B’Rock オーケストラの日本ツアーにルーシー・ホルシュと一緒にソリストとして参加。「柴田の繊細でまろみを帯びたトラヴェルソの音色(…)人声の温もりが伝わる深い息遣いは余韻溺々」(音楽の友)と評価を得た。またドイツ、ケンペンでの演奏会がドイツのクラシックチャンネル「WDR3」で放送され「トラヴェルソ奏者の柴田俊幸は説得力のあるソリスティックな演奏で際立っていた」(ケンペン・クラシック)と評された。






    ライターとして『音楽の友』『パイパーズ』『THE FLUTE』Webマガジン『ONTOMO』などに寄稿。


  • CDs

    Flauto Accompagnato

    Johann Sebastian Bach

    From 1738 to 2018, from Leipzig to Ghent, the Miry ensemble invites the listener to push the doors of a dreamed Café Zimmermann, with a program based on Bach's flute and music, by re-weaving the timeless links that exist between music and friendship, "for the recreation of the spirit of the amateurs".


    Patrick Beuckels, traverso

    Elisabeth Joyé, clavecin
    Romina Lischka, viole de gambe
    Dirk Vandaele, violon

    Toshiyuki Shibata, traverso

    Sonatas for Flute & Continuo

    Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach

    "The emotion has awakened." Introducing the dark side of C. P. E. Bach's chamber music for flute and continuo.


    Toshiyuki Shibata, traverso

    Bart Naessens, harpsichord


    * レコード芸術19.11月号 輸入盤CD「今月の特選盤」に選出

  • Musica Antiqua Takamatsu


    A New Platform for Early Music in Japan.


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